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Personal Financial Management

Our goal is to help make your financial goals happen - plan a budget, analyze spending habits, and so much more!
Digital Banking

Personal Financial Management

Our free My Money Manager Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool gives you control of your financial life, all within your Online Banking account. You can see where your money goes, how much you are saving and set goals and track your progress. Plus, you can connect your other accounts that you have at other financial institutions.


  • Get your full financial picture in one place
  • Categorize your transactions to better understand your spending habits
  • Make informed financial decisions using the cash flow calendar
  • Easily visually track your progress
  • Set up account alerts to stay informed on your finances
  • Monitor your assets and debts to understand your total net worth
Personal Financial Management

Popular features to help you grow your money.


Manage all your Accounts

Along with your ONE AMERICAN BANK account(s), you can view your external accounts (checking/savings accounts at other financial institutions, credit cards, investment accounts, and more) with My Money Manager within your Online Banking.


Analyze Your Spending

You can easily analyze and categorize your spending that is viewable at 1-week, 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month increments.


Create Financial Goals

Take control and reach your goals faster by visually tracking your financial goals. You can choose from preset goals, such as pay off a loan, save for a car, save for a college, save for a house, save for a vacation, or save for a wedding. Your goals will automatically update your progress and reflect your account balances.


Set Your Budgets

Monitor and track your spending out of your ONE AMERICAN BANK account(s) with the budget widget. You can utilize the preset budgets or create your own custom budgets, then establish a monthly limit and select the accounts you want to monitor. You can also set up alerts for that budget to help keep you on track!

Net Worth

Track your Net Worth

Track your assets and liabilities in a simple net worth graph that is viewable by month. You can also connect your external assets and liabilities for a full financial picture.


Get Started

Ready to access My Money Manager Personal Financial Management tool?

To gain access to PFM, just sign in or enroll in Online Banking or Mobile Banking and look for My Money Manager.

Need more information?
If you have any questions or would like more information about utilizing these great financial management tools within My Money Manager or any of our other Digital Banking services, please give one of our bankers a call at (605) 361-1010.

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